Our History

     Just after the turn of the century Fred W. Hannah moved to Nogales, Arizona from the Phoenix area.  Together with Elbert K. Cumming the two went into business on the border selling insurance and real estate.  Fred and Elbert were brothers-in-law with Elbert being married to Fred’s sister. Family records show that the year they entered business together was 1907.  Our local historical society has produced advertisements from the local paper in 1914 promoting their business. In 1937 Don Smith Sr. married Doris Belle Hannah, the daughter of Fred and Ethyl Hannah. It was also that year that Don and Doris joined in the business with Fred selling insurance on the border.  We have always been located in Nogales, Arizona and have become the experts in Mexico Insurance. 



In 1982 Don Smith Jr. began to work for Don & Doris on a part time basis while operating his own printing business.  In 1986 the family team was established.  Don and Doris have since passed away.  In 1948 Don and Doris began selling Mexico insurance for Seguros Tepeyac, a Mexico based company owned by the Llamosas family of Mexico City. Don Sr. knew an Arizona State Senator and helped work out the details to get the Mexican company admitted to sell insurance in Arizona making them “first on the Arizona border.”  In 1995 Seguros Tepeyac partnered with Mapfre, a world renowned insurance company home based in Spain. In 1998 Mapfre bought Seguros Tepeyac out-right. That year Don Jr. made the choice to continue to do business with the Llamosas family and sell for Seguros ANA, a company which the Mexico based family formed in 1995.


Now the agency is owned by Don Smith Jr. and his sister Susan Smith from San Diego, California. Today Don still manages the office with his personal touch on a daily basis. Most mornings (except for Wednesdays so he can attend his Rotary meeting) you can find him there to answer your questions and write your insurance for your southbound travels. The Smith office was originally located in Old Town Nogales across the street from City Hall and just a block from the border until the early 1960s when they moved to mid-town and positioned themselves at 1000 Grand Avenue across the street from the El Dorado Motel. In 1975 they again moved to better serve their clients to the corner of Mariposa Road and Grand Avenue. In 1985 Don Smith Mexico Auto Insurance moved again, this time right next to the exit of Mariposa Road and Interstate 19 where we have been located for over 25 years. This current location is considered by many returning clients and friends to be the best location ever. In the Loma Linda Shopping Center there is ample parking for the big rigs and travelers with trailers. At this site there is grocery shopping right next door as well as most fast food locations located just a block away. Mariposa Road is the official express route to the border and the office is just a couple of miles away to the port of entry.


Don Smith Mexico Auto Insurance is open from 7:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. daily and from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. on Saturday. During the weeks and days just after Christmas and Thanks Giving Don Smith Mexico Insurance is open even later than the posted hours and half days on Sundays just to serve our clients and friends. Please stop by or give us a call any time. It would be our pleasure to serve you for your Mexico travel needs.